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Wright Pawn & Jewelry is celebrating its 32nd year of serving Houstonians!  We invite you to visit our 8,000 square foot store and discover a treasure to love, sell directly to us, or get a quick, confidential cash loan. We deal in over 50 luxury brands of watches, jewelry, and handbags plus GIA certified diamond rings.

When we began, Pamela and her husband, Jack, boldly cast the typical pawn shop mold aside and, in its place, intentionally catered to women. No guns or tools but, instead, extraordinary luxury treasures that women desire but cannot always afford at retail prices. After capturing that market, the store naturally evolved into luxury watches, cufflinks, rings, belt buckles and jewelry for men too.

Jack and Pamela Wright

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This pawn shop does not deal in guns, ammunition, electronics or tools.

If you envision a pawn shop as some dimly lit store with a sketchy-looking individual avoiding eye contact behind the counter trying to pass off stolen goods, you will be surprised at Wright Pawn & Jewelry. An enthusiastic staff politely helps you buy, sell, or pawn in a boutique atmosphere. True to their slogan, you can "Buy ours, sell yours, or get a loan!®"

With Texas Legislature oversight, the Texas Office of Consumer Credit regulates all pawn shops in Texas. “We are a highly regulated financial institution. However, unlike banks, we give nonjudgmental instant cash loans on the spot with no credit check. Your collateral is your credit,” Pamela says.

“Our customers come from all walks of life and every social bracket.  Contrary to popular belief, most customers return for their pawned items so about only 20 percent of our inventory comes from pawned goods,” Pamela adds.

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True to their slogan, "How To Get Away With Luxury®", value for your money is ever present no matter what type of merchandise you're looking for. Cases span the store's length filled with diamonds, jewelry and watches including luxury brands such as Cartier, Rolex and Tiffany for much less than approximate retail price. Like new and gently loved luxury handbags including Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, YSL plus more overflow from 21 shelves for much less than approximate retail price as well.

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Pamela, who has been described as a “do-gooder disguised as a pawnbroker whose lifestyle is to help others” was named as one of Houston’s 25 Most Beautiful by H-Texas Magazine in May 2017. After getting to know her, she is unequivocally as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

The Social Book honored Pamela as a 2017 Houston Treasure due to her contributions to the Houston community being especially remarkable. They presented her as representing the finest in philanthropy, volunteerism, and business.

In 2016, Pamela received the National Pawnbrokers Association's Outstanding Community Relations Award for advancing the standard and quality of life in Houston through public service and volunteerism. Pamela was also a 2013 abc13 Woman of Distinction.

Pamela, a Second Baptist Church member, supports public and private schools, charities that ease the suffering of children, causes that assist our Veterans and charities that protect animals.

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