Back, L-R: Noble Carl, Brian Teichman, Andy Cordes; Front, L-R: Anne Carl, Pamela Wright, Jack Wright

Neiman Marcus Presents Pamela Wright as 2017 The Social Book Houston Treasure

Sun Dec 4, 2016

Neiman Marcus and The Social Book honored Pamela Wright as a 2017 Houston Treasure.

What: The Social Book 2017 Houston Treasures Announcement Dinner

PC Moment: In the ballroom decked in silvery splendor, Social Book honchos Scott Evans, Jeff Henry and Sami Shbeeb welcomed the 270 guests along with Houston Treasures founder Warner Roberts and the hotel’s Melissa Malone. Holiday tunes were courtesy of Richard Brown and lavish centerpiece compliments of Nino Shbeeb. While Treasures have been honored since 2002 and featured in the annual calendar, this was the fourth year for the Social Book Salute which went to special events designer Vik Chadha of The Perfect Touch.

Who: Honorees Jane Page Crump, Gregory Boyd, Winell Herron, Dr. Charles Fraser, Joanna and Brad Marks, Hannah and Cal McNair, Madyand Ken Kades, Sybil Roos, Millette and Haag Sherman, Patrick Summers, Pamela Wright, and Cleverly Stone; also Lynn Wyatt, Beau Miller, Phoebe Tudor, Dr. Bud Frazier, Susan Baker, Sharon Michael Owens, and Yvonne and Rufus Cormier.
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